Link to Part One: Tom West’s 3rd Person Reference

Tom West in 3rd Person, The Sequel:

By morning it was sufficiently clear to her that she was making little progress towards house breaking her new companion. She frowned at the mess, then began collecting the soiled papers from the floor of the puppy’s kennel.  As she began covering the kennel floor with a fresh layer of newspaper, her solemn expression dissolved to a look of shock and bewilderment. She gasped, standing erect as she clutched a single page from the Wreckard.

The proof was now before her. Indeed, it was not an isolated incident as she had hoped; a second incident of the same pathological behavior was now before her. A second incident establishing a pattern of behavior…a history, there would be no denying it now. The headline read, “He is now officially a Morrison County resident.”

She could have forgiven Tom for one temporary lapse in judgment, but to pen consecutive stories headlining himself in 3rd person…casting the appearance of being noteworthy enough to be written about, the proverbial he. It was worse then pathological she sniffled, it was bad form.

Flapping in Slipper on Sunday,

Brooke Trout