An old friend of mine came to visit recently; she was a former co-worker who I had not seen in about 7 years. I invited her to stay for the weekend because she recently divorced and was struggling to cover her family’s expenses while her ex-husband ignored his financial obligation to pay child support. It was the weekend of the craft fair, a perfect place to catch up on old times and loose the worries of today in an outdoor market that spilled out as far as the eye could see.

Hoping for an easier time settling her kid to sleep my friend elected to rent a motel room for the night and found one available at the Goodnight Inn. For $85.00 she wasn’t expecting much, she paid in cash per instruction by Goodnight Inn’s reservationist,  dropped her bags off. and headed to my house.

Later on that afternoon her daughter became tired and my friend went back to the motel hoping to settle her little girl down for an afternoon nap. When she pulled the bedding back she found dead beetles and one large dead cricket. Horrified her daughter left the room and climbed back into the car, she refused to return to the motel room. My friend summoned a staff person who came into to the room to inspect the bed infestation. After pull back the sheets on the second bed; a new crop of dead insects was discovered.

My friend called and asked to bunk in with us, which of course she was welcome to do. Then she asked the Goodnight Inn staffer for her money back on the room. The staffer apologized for the bugs in the bed but said that she wasn’t authorized to issued refunds, she said my friend would have to contact the owner.  

Naturally, the owner is never anywhere to be found and has yet to return my friends phone calls.

I feel really bad that my invitation for fun and relaxation has turned into an administrative task that seems to be moving in the direction of a small claims court action. What’s more irritating is seeing that the Goodnight Inn is advertising their rooms in the Morrison County Record. They won’t issue a refund but they will lure in other unsuspecting people looking for an inexpensive place to sleep. I imagine those who don’t have a friend they can stay with end up putting in a sleepless night afraid that the bed bugs truly will bite!

Bug-eyed ,

Olive Rockfish