Seems there’s a bit of a flap in Pierz, Minnesota. (Morrison County Record, September 16, 2007) Tony Sauer, former Pierz City Council member, is mad that the Council would dare to require that everyone with a hail-damaged home have their homes inspected a couple of times as part of the repair process. Pierz Mayor Toby Egan patiently explained that having a series of inspections on any building project has been part of state building codes for quite some time, even during Tony’s tenure on the Council. Not to be swayed by reason, law, or logic, Tony held his position.

How about we try this piece of logic? Let’s wave all of our building codes for homes that have been damaged by the August 13 hail storm in Pierz, and then, when the next tragedy strikes, like a house caving in because the structure wasn’t properly built, or an electrical fire because the wiring wasn’t up to code, we can have this discussion again and decide whether the $95.50 inspection fee was worth it.

With mud shifting beneath my fins,

P.F.A. Pickerel