[Sigh.]  The search for a Little Falls City Administrator continues, I see.  The reason the “Meet the Candidate” session was canceled was because two of the candidates didn’t show up.  The Morrison County Record named all the candidates in a follow-up article in the September 9, 2007, issue, but it really doesn’t matter now, does it?  All except for the one person still in the race – Steven Robertson.  Thankfully, Greg Albrecht, the consultant assisting the City Council with their search, had the good sense to indicate that choosing from a field of one is not much of a choice.  So now more candidates have to be rounded up.  The Council is considering sweetening the pot by increasing the offered salary by $5,000.  Fair enough, I suppose.  Now if we could just keep from scaring the candidates by calling for 8,000+ background checks. – P.F.A.P.