Bear with me while I revisit the recent past again.  Soon I’ll catch up.

The Morrison County Record has a relatively new General Manager/Editor, Tom West, who joined the newspaper in January 2007.  His last place of residence was Duluth, Minnesota.  When you read his column, it’s obvious that Tom thinks Duluth is the bomb.  One of his recent columns (July 20, 2007) had Tom all breathless about the culture he has found in Morrison County.  (Apparently he figured Morrison County would be the bomb crater after all of that big city Duluth culture.)   He related how he had attended a Sister City event (Little Falls, MN, and LeBourget, France, are Sister Cities) and was simply amazed at the talented people he encountered.  Here’s a portion of his piece:

“For me, however, the highlight was the performance of the Sforzando String Orchestra, about 30 musicians who range in age from 10 to 85, but of which the majority are in their teens. I may have a tin ear, but I think I still know when a group has its act together and when it doesn’t. The sounds produced by that orchestra were exquisite. The group, which was organized at the St. Francis Music Center, started and stopped as one.

“And that led to the next surprise. The director of the orchestra is Celo V’ec, a graduate of Yale University.”

Yes, Tom, we have Yale graduates  and other creative, smart, cultured people moving among us here in Morrison County.  Did you know we also have indoor plumbing?  – P.F.A.Pickerel